​​Bailey Education Foundation 

Congratulations 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

The Bailey Education Foundation is pleased to announce the 2017 Bailey Education Foundation Scholarship recipients.  We would like to thank everyone who applied for a scholarship and congratulate those who were selected this year.  

Tracy Foster

Tracy’s incredible journey began in 2015 with a bachelor degree from Oklahoma Wesleyan University and continuing that same year with Marysville University for a Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner. 

“As a nurse for over 25 years, the dedication and passion drive my ambition to care for those who are sick and in need.”  She goes on to say…”the clinical experience received throughout my career, and in my clinical rotations have been a valued asset.  Nursing is not just my chosen profession, but who I am.”

Dana Thomas

Ms. Thomas graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 2016 and is currently attending the University of Tulsa. 

Dana starts her essay by saying…“Heart rate monitors echoing noises in the rooms, wheelchair sounds swooshing on the white floor, and continuous telephone rings calling to staff in the open spaces – these daily noises constantly played into a permanent mindset of harmonizing energy.  While volunteering at the Oklahoma Heart Institute, these sounds, lingering in the background, rhythmically remained the same during each duty.”  Dana goes on to say…”I hope to bring more awareness to medicine by educating people more over medical issues.  I also want to make a different in people’s lives by bringing back the tender relationship between the patient and the doctor.”


Chelsea Allen

Ms. Allen graduated from Oologah High School in 2016 and is currently attending Rogers State University. 

“I am now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Medical Molecular Biology, preparing to go on to Optometry school.  My dream job would be to return to the small communities of Oklahoma who have always supported me in my endeavors, and provide them with the same high quality, compassionate vision care I have always received.  A first eye exam and a little pair of light blue framed glasses changed my literal view of the world in the second grade; I want to be able to do the same for my patients.”

Lauren Harshfield

Ms. Harshfield will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and is currently attending TCC concurrent.  She then plans to transfer to Rogers State University to continue the study of Pre-Medicine with a long term goal of attending the University of Oklahoma and specialize in neurology.

Lauren states that “I have spent my life being raised by a nurse.  For as long as I can remember my mother has repeatedly said things like…knowledge is power…you never stop learning….”  She goes on to state “I am particularly interested in the brain and intrigued by the intricate secrets that still remain untold to medical science.”

Jacob Oliva

Jacob will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and has been accepted at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a career in Pharmacy.

“Personal trials can shape our character for the rest of our lives.  Many of today’s most accomplished leaders have overcome great adversity.  When you are faced with hardship you have two options, to cower and retreat or move forward learning from past experiences.  I chose the latter…..  I have grown as a person through these trials and have gained many beneficial character traits.  Throughout these tribulations I’ve decided to pursue a career in the medical field as a pharmacist.  Through this major, I feel I will be able to fully give back to the community.”


Addison Wilson

Ms. Wilson will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and will be attending Oral Roberts University pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering this Fall.

Addison indicates that she has been most influenced by her time spent volunteering for Special Olympics.  She indicates…”My heart’s desire is to help others and to fight for those who can’t.  Upon graduation I plan to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering.  In this field I will have the ability to find cures through medical research, develop new technology and prosthetics for those who struggle daily.  I am committed to changing people lives and I am excited to get started.”

Jasmine Chamberlain

Ms. Chamberlain will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and has enrolled at Rogers State University to pursue a major in Applied Science-Nursing.

Jasmine’s goal is to become a pediatric nurse.  During her high school junior year she completed programs for CPR and CMA at Tulsa Technology Center.  She is currently completing her CNA studies at TTC and working in a local long term care facility.  She states…”Helping people, caring for people that is where my heart is.  There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

Jaya Chakka

Ms. Chakka will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and will be attending the University of Kansas pursuing a major in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Jaya states that “volunteering has helped remind me to be thankful for what I have and to always offer aid to others when I’m able.”  Although she plans on a behavioral neuroscience major she is “considering a double major in genetics and possibly a minor in Spanish.  Both neuroscience and genetics are diverse fields with incredible potential for helping others.  A spanish minor would aid my communication skills and further fuel my desire to study abroad.  I plan to focus my career mainly on research.  I hope to do research benefiting people with mental disabilities, illnesses and other conditions.  I will leave the world a better place, just as I have always dreamed.”


Jessica Fry

Jessica will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and has been accepted at Pittsburg State University pursuing a career in Nursing.

Jessica credits her parents for instilling the importance of volunteering in her life.  “I have grown up surrounded by people who are dedicated to helping others.  Putting others before your self is a learned gift and takes quite a bit of work.  I am planning on majoring in nursing once I get to college.  I want to join Doctors Without Borders and go overseas to help the less fortunate who do not have the medical facilities we have here.  I honestly believe one cannot be truly happy until they give.”

Kelsey DeCastro

Ms. DeCastro will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and has been accepted at Oklahoma Wesleyan University planning to major in Occupational Therapy.

Kelsey states that…”I would like to be an occupational therapist at the Little Light House and interact and help the kids in every way that is possible.  I am very passionate with helping special needs and would like to help them to be able to go farther in life.  I will always give to my community and maintain moral behavior.”

Allie Slagle

Ms. Slagle will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and has been accepted at Missouri State University pursuing a major in Occupational Therapy.

Allie states that one of the most meaningful experiences in her life was when she became a lifeguard at a Tulsa pool last summer.  She was required to take lifesaving training, CPR and AED classes.  Little did she know that this training would be put to the test when a swimmer started having a seizure in the pool.  “Occupational therapy is a job of helping people and last summer helped me realize that I wanted to help people in my career.  I can’t wait to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them and being optimistic with them every single day.”

Sarah Cirilo

Sarah will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and will pursue a Nursing degree at Rogers State College.

She states that her goal is “to graduate from RSU nursing program and work toward becoming a nurse practitioner.”  She would like to “work in a fast paced environment like a trauma hospital where I can help patients who have critical, life threatening conditions.  I love the quote that everything happens for a reason and I believe God has put me on a path.  I believe He is guiding me to use my skills to make a difference in the world and I am excited to see where He leads me in the next few years and what new set of challenges I will get to conquer!”