​​Bailey Education Foundation 

Congratulations 2016 Scholarship Recipients!

Caleb Smith 

Mr. Smith will be a 2016 graduate of Owasso High School and is currently enrolled at Oklahoma State University for the fall program.  

Caleb says “Following my high school education I fully plan upon following the career path of a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.  Being involved and always willing to discover and help others has fueled my passion to do what it takes to become the person I’ve always dreamed to be.  With my experiences, worth ethic and always-ready mindset, I believe I can overcome any challenges in my way and achieve anything I set my heart upon.”

Kyra Treible

Ms. Treible is scheduled to graduate from the Owasso High School in May.  She has been accepted at the Missouri State University for the fall of 2016.

Kyra describes her commitment “When people learn of my dream to become a pediatric physician, I am always warned of the many years of schooling, intense work load, long hours and various sacrifices it requires to become successful.  However, over the course of my high school career, I challenged myself through advanced placement courses, earned high grades and participated in may extracurricular activities.  This allowed me to develop a strong work ethic and to be a well rounded individual.  Gandhi once said…”in a gentle way, you can shake the world”.  In nine short words Gandhi was able to summarize the way I envision my future.  If I can help one person feel better, or give one person hope for their future, I can change the world.”

Chelsea Allen

Ms. Allen is scheduled to graduate from Oologah High School and currently enrolled at Rogers State University. 

“Spending the first ten years of life growing up on a military base as a -Air Force Brat-, provided a clear view of what dedication, commitment and sacrifice means, and the price freedom we enjoy comes with.  This early exposure to “service to others” had a huge impact on my ideas of serving others; I don’t have to wear combat boots to have the ability to help others, only the desire.  My first pair of glasses in the third grade literally changed my view on the world.  As I pondered “what I want to be when I grow up” my love of science and desire to make an impact on lives has led me to pursuing a career in Optometry.  My hope is once school is completed to return to the rural communities of Oklahoma, which have supported and given me so many opportunities and provide the same high quality eye care I have always received.  I admit I am a little nervous about going into the big world, but I am more confident I am ready with only one option…to succeed”.

Brad Woolery

Mr. Woolery will graduate from the Owasso High School this year and is currently enrolled at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering.

Brad indicates that he has been most influenced by his time spent in the Pride of Owasso Band program and through volunteer work.  “One of my main goals in life, regardless of the path my life takes, is to be able to help others.  There has been a  variety of motivations for doing things in my community through my church, the least of which is certainly not the influence and support I’ve received from members of my family and from my church family.  I’ve also been motivated to help others in my community through Christ, as I strive to be like Him.  Finally, it just feels good to know I’ve done something positive for the world.  My disaster response experience has allowed me to give hope to those outside my immediate community and my hope is to be able to continue this kind of work throughout the rest of my life.

Jessica Briggs

Ms. Briggs was a 2013 graduate of Skiatook High School and currently attending Rogers State University.

Jessica writes…”I will graduate this may and take the NCLEX soon after graduation to become a certified registered nurse in the state of Oklahoma.  My plan after passing the NCLEX is to further my nursing education to complete my Bachelor of Science degree.  My dream job as a registered nurse is to work in the emergency department.  I love the adrenaline and the fast pace of the emergency room as well as the diversity.  My long term goal is to continue my education and become a Nurse Practitioner.  Furthering my education will not only benefit me but my patients as well.  Continually expanding an education is very important as a registered nurse and a Nurse Practitioner because of the constant change and improvement in the medical area.”


We would also like to recognize the following students who will receive an honorary $500 scholarship from the Bailey Education Foundation.

Rachael Dougherty – Owasso High School
Grace Miller – Rejoice Christian
Devin Mercer – Owasso High School
Daulton Esmeyer – Owasso High School
Tracy Foster – Continuing education – Marysville University
Katelyn Dills – Rejoice Christian
Haley Hutson – Locus Grove High School
Krystal Holley – Oologah High School
Paige Collins – Continuing education – Rogers State University
Tatiana Wilson – Rejoice Christian